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Max Miller: The Only One

Max Miller



How I got into web and graphical design:

Maxamarks Designs is owned and operated by myself, Max Miller. I got into web design in 2012, where I started learning HTML and CSS. From there I went onto learn JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Now receiving formal schooling, I am continuing my education in programming to go beyond just the web, although I will always stick with my roots. The ever changing world of web design and programming fascinates me, along with graphical design, and video editing. The graphical aspect of the web is where I started, before I began web design. I started with video editing and production, writing, producing, and starring in short films with my friends. From there, I went into designing graphics for my videos, and then for my web projects. Recently, I have taken my design and programming knowledge to the mobile platform with Android app development. I started out making a simple metronome app, which taught me the basics. I then quickly transitioned to making my first game, Where’s Mr. Dot, which can be found on the PORTFOLIO page.

A bit about myself:

I hold a first degree black belt (Shodan) in Kempo karate under John English, where I have been training for 10 years. I enjoy running, reading, drawing, and of course, programming. Learning is one of my favorite hobbies, and I will never give up the opportunity to learn something new.